Shiva Bhavani, CEO & Founder of Wing Communications takes the examples of two shows – Mad Men and Emily In Paris, charting the evolution of social media marketing.

Social media has been meddling in our lives for a long time now. Social media is like a full course meal, it has something for everyone. From entertainment to businesses, every industry has been somehow impacted by the plethora of social media platforms. What began as a desktop experience done by a few professionals has now been transformed into social media apps that can be accessed anywhere and by anyone. Businesses have opted for this tool so as to provide their services easily to prospective clients through simpler interactive methods. Here we take a look at social media marketing, from the lens of Emily in Paris and Mad Men.

Evolution Of Social Media Marketing

At first social media existed only as a means to connect people irrespective of their geographical bounds, now, however, it has become one of the most widely used and prominent tools of communication, marketing, and advertising. As the digital landscape changes, people from all walks of life are adapting. Consumers increasingly rely on different platforms for content, and the demand for more content is on the rise. It means that brands must create content that can reach a broader audience in multiple places, including older generations who are embracing the digital lifestyle.

Social media platforms themselves have evolved in tandem with brands and consumers, continuously improving and updating to meet the increasing demands of consumers. Talking about the evolution of social media marketing what comes into mind is were people still facing success through social media without the advent of technological advancements?

The sole answer to this question might be the series, Mad Men. While technology and marketing tactics have changed the game, we can apply some approaches from Don Draper and the team to social media
today. Each post you write has an opportunity to win the attention of a potential client. An opportunity to connect.

Why did the agency world love Mad Men?

Despite taking place in historical times, the show has much to say about current times as well. The importance of keeping in mind what has changed and what hasn’t is vital. A good design and good content can endure in many different ways. The kind of advertising back then still influences many of the designs we see in advertising today.

“The purpose of advertising is to make people happy. And you know what happiness is? Happiness is the smell of a new car. It’s freedom from fear. It’s the billboard on the side of the road that screams reassurance that whatever you are doing is ok. You are ok”.

According to this quote from “Mad Men,” Don Draper came up with the headline for Jaguar, a fast, expensive, and dangerous car. How could he sell a problematic product to someone who already had everything? It was his genius that led him to compare the luxury to the stereotype of an unattainable girl who is pretty, temperamental, and beyond their reach. But Jaguar became “something beautiful you can truly own”.

Taking into consideration the changes in social media marketing shows like Emily in Paris in today’s technologically advanced environment depict a more modern approach to marketing.

Social Media marketing takeaways from Emily in Paris

  • As Emily said, “To build a brand, you must create meaningful social media engagements.” This is one of the most important marketing lessons she taught in Paris. When it comes to social media, Emily always makes it a point to talk about the brand and use hashtags to boost brand awareness. What we can take from this is that using the right platform that is used by your target audience is crucial for brand recognition.
  • If you have seen the show, you might’ve noticed that whenever in doubt, Emily took to Instagram and posted a poll to gather the opinion of her audience. Talking about the marketing tactics then and now, what matters the most in today’s time is the opinion and perspective of your audience.
  • Sticking to the traditional methods might’ve helped them gain success and recognition in the early years, but now what a client looks for is a wow factor, something that’ll make them in a frenzy. Speaking of Emily, she managed to think out of the box inspired by an art museum featuring Van Gogh.

Like Emily says, “It is not just about followers, it is about content, trust, interest, and engagements.”
There is a need to understand that social media is used to connect people with one another and the outside world. Some may choose to engage with brands that sell products through social media.

However, most people only want to connect with and engage with brands. This is why it is important
to share stories that represent brands in an intriguing and compelling manner.

Connecting with your prospective clients helps you build a deeper and more interactive relationship
with them which proves to be helpful in the long run. Be it 2007, the traditional era of Don Draper,
or 2022 the digital world of Emily, what matters the most is your interactions with the audience over
social media.

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